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The Team

Who We Are

DJ Hedz

Management & Presenter

Hi I'm DJ Hedz
After many years of yearning to try my hand at presenting, I finally got
my chance thanks to my daughter EmmaH!
She had her own show on a local radio station and needed someone to
cover for 3 weeks during her Higher exams. I jumped at the chance, and
was subsequently offered my own show and 'Mixtape' was born. Here was
me, a fledgling radio presenter/DJ at 47!
I spent a further 2.5 years with that station before being approached by
an Internet based station which I joined, and presented various shows with
them for a further year.
I then had a short break before being asked to join SMR and the rest as
they say is history.
I get such a kick out of putting show playlists together. I still
present Mixtape on a weekly basis and the SMR listeners never fail to
surprise me with the quality of tunes they pick for my weekly themes.
I am an 80's pop monkey at heart but equally at home with 90's/00's, Dance
music, and I have a much deeper appreciation for genres like Northern
Soul and Rock the more time I spend around and listening to my fellow
SMR DJ's. It's even got me singing along to the odd Country tune!
Never one to pass up an opportunity for a 'dad joke', I can only apologise
in advance to any listeners, but hope the quality of the tunes makes up
for it!
Get your dancing pants on.

Hi I'm Richard, DJ Fnlysn
Happily married to Rachel with 3 boys, Cameron and identical twins Grant & Innes.
When not working, I enjoy spending time with Rachel and the boys walking Lucy, our Jack Russell, along
the various woodland and coastal walks that we have around Moray.
Since joining SMR my musical knowledge has been massively expanded, and I love listening to the
different DJ’s and their shows. I have been lucky enough to attend the first SMR Weekend where I met
the DJ’s and listeners and had a great time in Stockport, and made friends for life.
I do the 80’s & 90’s show on a Saturday afternoon which is great fun and the afternoon flies by, made
even better when the listeners tell you how much they enjoyed the music.


DJ Fnlysn

Mangement & Presentor

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