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Social Music Radio (SMR) is an internet radio broadcasting station. We host several volunteer DJ’s, who offer a variety of music genres.


Our purpose is to create a national interactive service that can promote happiness & wellbeing for all our listeners. This is especially so for some of our older age group listeners who may have become isolated in more recent times.

Our friendly Chat Room is an ideal way to meet other listeners and DJ's

Due to the nature of the internet, our station has the potential to cross international borders & become a world wide service. 


The SMR initial target audience is the over 40’s age group. However, with many music genres being offered & with the addition of more DJ’s & subsequently an even wider option, the service will also appeal to younger age groups. 


Music has long been established as having a therapeutic value. SMR will create a safe, online interactive experience where listeners can not only enjoy the music offered but also chat directly to DJ’s and other members of our online community. This will also enable networking opportunities socially & professionally. 


The SMR aim is to promote happiness & well being through the fabulous forum of music & live interactive chat. In turn we hope this has a positive impact on mental health & loneliness issues within our communities. 

We encourage all of our DJ’s to promote their sections & the station. This can include online, posters, personal appearances at events or involvement in other community activities.

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